10 Ways to Consume Bone Broth

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To most, the reach of bone broth goes only as far as that special soup mom used to make on rainy days. While it can be found in soup, the ways to consume bone broth reach much further than chicken noodle soup. We’ve compiled 10 usual and unusual ways that you can get the health-supporting, skin-enhancing, muscle-boosting superfood into your diet (without having to wait until you are feeling sick).

In a Soup, Bisque, or Stew

Yes, soup is pretty standard, but your bone broth doesn’t need to just be in chicken noodle soup. Try a bone broth in place of stock in any soup, stew, or even bisque to improve the nutritional value of the dish. For example, give this creamy Butternut Bisque Recipe from Ancient Nutrition a try.

In a Mug

Without anything too fancy, you can sip on bone broth without too many frills. Simply heat it up and replace your morning cup of coffee. Or add some cilantro and garlic and have a mug before your dinner. It will help fill you up and avoid the urge to overeat. Taking bone broth straight may take some getting used to, but some have found that consuming it in its most basic form helps everything from your joints to your metabolism and even managing your weight.

With Quinoa or Couscous

If you like adding couscous or quinoa as a side to your dinner, try cooking them in bone broth instead of water for both a huge taste upgrade and a boost in nutrients. This is especially smart if your meal is light on protein to begin with.

In Stuffing

Just like with grains, replacing your bland water with a healthy and hearty bone broth in your Thanksgiving stuffing preparation is sure to impress your guests (even your mother-in-law). The chicken flavor from your broth complements the rest of the traditional Thanksgiving spread so perfectly, no one will suspect they’re actually getting even more benefits from a more delicious version of this holiday staple.

In Smoothies

I know what you’re thinking, a chicken noodle smoothie does not sound very good. But this raspberry banana chia smoothie does. And don’t forget that bone broth doesn't have to be a liquid. Using bone broth protein powder recipes, you can get the sweetness you crave with the added benefits of classic bone broth.

In Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are a go-to comfort food. On their own, they don’t contain a plethora of nutrients, but making them with bone broth can add a kick of those key elements your body craves for your gut, joints and immune system.

In Marinades

Instead of using high-calorie and sugary sauces to flavor your chicken, base your bouquet of herbs in a bone broth. The added nutrients will supplement the already high-protein meat and bring out an even stronger flavor.

In Dessert

Just like with the surprising smoothie suggestion, adding bone broth protein powder to your desserts can not only give you the protein you need, but add to the flavor. Check out this chocolate peppermint squares recipe for a delicious and natural treat for your sweet tooth.

In scrambled eggs

Adding milk or a splash of water to your morning eggs is a sure-fire way to get them fluffy and melt-in-your-mouth good. If you like a good savory breakfast, try substituting a bit of bone broth instead. It will add to that hearty flavor while also bringing more nutrients than water and less calories than milk.

In Vegetables

To add a little flavor and a boost of protein to your vegetable-heavy meal, add a splash of bone broth while you’re sauteing. Try this kale saute recipe that uses garlic, red wine vinegar, and bone broth protein greens for a delicious and healthy side.

Adding bone broth to your meal isn’t as hard as it may sound. The benefits include healthy joints and a healthy immune system. It may also help with healthy skin, nails, and hair. Plus, the improved taste to these dishes should be enough to convince you that bone broth is so much more than chicken soup.

Written in partnership with Dr. Axe.