How Wall Colors Impact Your Mood

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By Christine Ruggeri

Your environment can have a major impact on your mood and state-of-mind. When it comes to choosing a wall color in your home, you may base it on preference and style. But the color you use can actually alter your thoughts, energy and motivation.

That's exactly why it makes sense to choose wall colors based on the mood you hope to achieve in that particular room. For a bedroom, comforting, calming colors are suitable for promoting better sleep. While brighter, bolder colors support motivation, increase energy and boost mood.

So before you spend hours looking at color strips, deciding which one fits your decor best, consider what mood you’re trying to evoke in that room and go from there.

Best Wall Colors for Better Sleep

1. Blue

Blue colors, especially light blues, create a serene and calming environment. Softer shades of blue can promote better sleep and comfort in your bedroom. Blue is even known to steady your breath and blood pressure. To enhance the effects of relaxing and cooling blue, pair it with decor in warm colors, like pale yellow or orange.

While more studies need to be conducted, one study involving 443 students living in six university residential buildings for an average of 13 months, showed that the color blue promoted a calm mood and was most preferred.

2. Green

Green is a calming, relaxing color. It's the color of nature, so is known to leave people feeling at ease and even joyful. It also represents balance. For a bedroom, consider pale green, which is subtle, but provides that tranquil environment you're looking for.

When researchers analyzed the effects of color on emotions, they found that there are emotional reactions to color hues. The most pleasant hues were green, blue-green and blue.

3. Light Purple

Lighter shades of purple provide a calming, relaxing energy. These are cooler colors that make the space feel clean and pure, but offer a serene atmosphere that can promote better sleep.

4. Beige

A sandy beige color is subtle and warming. It provides a clean, fresh space that promotes calmness, while allowing for pops of color in your decor and furniture. When the light hits beige walls in the morning, it can be energizing and exude warmth.

5. Off-White

This clean, neutral choice will open up your bedroom and help provide a sense of security. Go for warming whites, which will be soothing and allow your mind to unwind in the evening.

Best Wall Colors for Creativity

1. Pale yellow

Pale yellow colors can promote feelings of optimism, inspiration and happiness. It can bring an energizing, sunny feeling into the room.

2. Orange

Orange is a stimulating color that promotes a sense of warmth and balance. It can help to boost creativity, energy and mood.

3. Purple

Purple colors are known to promote creativity and stimulate the imagination. Imagine the calming shades of lavender or lilac in your space — giving you the freedom to unwind and get creative. Or, for a more energizing environment, go with bolder purples.

Best Wall Colors for Focus

1. Red

Red is thought to promote focus and boost energy. It's a stimulating color, so would work best for creating an exciting, energetic space. If red seems like it would be too bright for your taste, consider paining a red accent wall in an area where you often do work and need to focus.

2. Grey

Grey is a neutral, cool color that can make a space more inviting and energizing. It works well with brighter colors, so would be a great choice for a space that will incorporate artwork or other colorful decor.

Best Wall Colors for People Feeling Blue

1. White

Whites promote a refreshing environment. While warm whites can be cozy and promote a sense of security, cooler whites can be uplifting.

2. Green

Green is known as a restorative color that can help to clear your mind and reduce anxious feelings. As the color of nature, it's uplifting and helps to promote balance.

Best Wall Colors for People Who Tend to Be Fearful/Nervous

1. Brown

Browns are known to provide comfort and security, as they represent the earth and nature. You may find that a space with brown walls relieves feelings of anxiousness or nervousness, helping you to stay grounded.

2. Pink

Pink can help to relieve tension and ease aggression or feelings of anger. In fact, the longer you are exposed to the color pink, the calmer you feel. It also promotes feelings of playfulness, making it a great choice for a child's playroom or bedroom.

Christine Ruggeri is a writer and nutrition counselor based in New York. She's worked for Ancient Nutrition and the Dr. Axe team for five years. She has a degree in Education with a concentration in English from Iona College, and received her health coach certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.