Benefits of Our New Plant Protein+ (and Problems with Standard Varieties)

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Looking for a great tasting, creamy, plant-based protein powder that’s made from entirely real, recognizable foods — such as the same organic seeds and berries that you’d use in your own kitchen? Then you’ll love Ancient Nutriton’s Plant Protein+ products.

Our plant-based powders combine specially selected proteins from seven organic ancient seeds, plus a wellness boost from seven organic ancient, adaptogen botanicals.

Whether you strictly follow a plant-based diet or are just looking to include a wider variety of superfoods in your routine, our vegan protein products offer a powerful nutrient boost to your favorite smoothies, baked goods and more, all in convenient, easy-to-digest powders.

Offering 15 grams of protein, 4 grams of carbs and 0 grams of added sugar, they’re an easy and delicious way to power your day.

Problems with Other Plant Proteins On the Market

Our Plant Protein+ products feature organic superfood seeds, or superseeds, including pumpkin, flax, chia, hemp, sunflower, sacha inchi and watermelon seeds. And unlike most vegan protein powders, ours is a grain-free, soy-free, pea-free blend, featuring protein-rich seeds and botanical ingredients.

While grain and soy protein naturally contains “antinutrients” such as lectin that can be difficult to digest, our blend is made with seeds with much of fiber removed and that are typically easier on the digestive system.

Our formula is also made without peas or pea isolate, because while peas can be a nutrient-dense food, some people have difficulty digesting them.

What Is Plant Protein+ from Ancient Nutrition?

Ancient Nutrition’s vegan superfood Plant Protein+ powders are made from:

  • 7 Organic Ancient Seed Blend
  • 7 Organic Ancient Botanicals
  • Organic MCTs (medium chain fats), the same kind found in coconut oil
  • Monk fruit sweetener, a natural, zero-calorie sweetener with a taste very similar to sugar

Here’s a list of the specific ingredients used in our three plant protein flavors (Chocolate, Vanilla and Berry):

  • Organic pumpkin seed protein
  • Organic flax seed meal
  • Organic hemp seed protein
  • Organic chia seed protein
  • Organic sunflower seed protein
  • Organic watermelon seed protein
  • Organic sacha inchi seed (Plukenetia volubilis) protein
  • Organic ashwagandha root and leaf extract
  • Organic avocado fruit
  • Organic reishi mycelium
  • Organic fermented holy basil leaf extract
  • Organic cordyceps mycelium
  • Organic fermented Eleuthero Siberian ginseng root
  • Organic fermented rhodiola root
  • Organic fermented schisandra berry
  • Organic apple cider vinegar
  • Medium chain triglycerides (MCTs)
  • Natural chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavors with other natural flavors
  • Organic luo han guo extract (monk fruit extract sweetener)

Plant-based diets have become a way of life for many people, yet it’s not uncommon to feel the effects digestive-wise if you’re eating the wrong types of plant foods. Eating a diet of predominantly plants can provide numerous advantages, but it can also be hard to get enough protein. That’s why supplemental plant protein has become highly popular.

Our Plant Protein+ powders are free of common allergens including grains, soy and legumes, have no gritty texture, and aren’t made with any artificial sweeteners, additives or stevia, which means they don’t have any bitter aftertaste you may find in other products. They’re intended to be easy on your digestion system, so you benefit from the added nutrients without any downside.

With what we consider the healthiest organic seeds available, all you have to do is add water and shake, or blend into your favorite recipes— it doesn’t get easier than that!

Plant Protein+ Benefits

Consuming enough protein in general is important for maintaining high energy levels, building muscle, increasing stamina, supporting a healthy weight and metabolism, and building new cells, tissues and enzymes.

But protein is just the beginning when it comes to the potential benefits of supplementing with our vegan protein powder.

We believe we’ve created the most beneficial vegan protein powders available on the market, and here’s why:

We worked hard to formulate completely plant-derived products that are uniquely rich in both protein and also beneficial botanical ingredients — such as ashwagandha, reishi and cordycep mushrooms, and rhodiola — considered adaptogens in traditional Chinese herbalism and Ayurveda, which have roots dating back thousands of years.

Not only do our vegan protein powders increase the protein content of your meals, but because they are made from real whole foods (like nutrient-dense seeds), they also can contain antioxidants, vitamin E, selenium, B vitamins and much more.

Watermelon seeds, for example, feature omega fatty acids, magnesium, zinc and potassium, while pumpkin seeds are rich in the amino acid tryptophan as well as magnesium, phosphorus and other minerals.

Flax, chia and hemp are also suppliers of omega-3s in addition to being concentrated sources of plant protein. No wonder these very seeds have been used by people around the world for centuries, such as Aztec warriors!

What other benefits does our Plant Protein+ powder bring to the table?

  • Ancient Nutrition’s Plant Protein+ is a first-of-its-kind formula that’s specifically intended to help support digestion and nutrient assimilation, making it an ideal protein powder for gut health support and overall wellness.
  • Features organic herbals, botanicals and adaptogenic mushrooms (like ashwagandha root extract, ginseng and holy basil) to support a healthy response to stress, healthy memory and cognitive function, healthy body composition, healthy aging, and much more.
  • Provides 15 grams of protein per serving, helping to fuel your muscles and support recovery from exercise.
  • Can help boost healthy energy levels, reduce fatigue and support a positive mindset.
  • Supports focus and mental stamina.
  • Supports increased muscle mass and strength.
  • Can help promote athletic/sports performance (cardiovascular, muscle strength and recovery) and improve speed, lower limb muscular strength and neuromuscular coordination.
  • Can help support healthy sexual function, reproductive function and healthy testosterone levels.

Choosing Our Plant Protein+

When choosing a protein powder, there are several features to focus on:

  • Quality of the ingredients used, including whether they are organic.
  • Preparation of the ingredients, which impacts how well you absorb the nutrients they contain.
  • Amount of sugar, fillers and preservatives used.
  • And of course, the texture and taste

We’ve searched the globe for the best ingredients we could find, compiling together an organic blend of plant-derived superfood seeds and botanicals that is unlike any other vegan protein product on the market.

One of our top priorities as a company is producing products that support overall gut health and digestion. This is exactly why we went to great lengths to formulate a vegan protein powder that is suitable for as many people as possible.

Here’s what makes Ancient Nutrition’s Plant Protein+ unique…

  • Made with organic seeds grown without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. This is especially important when it comes to seed-based ingredients because many chemical pesticides are “systemic,” meaning they’re taken up inside of the plants and can become concentrated in seeds.
  • Goes beyond supplying protein, due to inclusion of botanicals that support overall wellness.
  • Completely grain-free, soy-free and pea-free formula.
  • No filler ingredients, weird chemicals that you can’t pronounce, or artificial ingredients. Our formula is truly made from entirely real food ingredients!
  • Creamy, non-gritty texture that adds creaminess to a variety of recipes.
  • Not overly sweet and stevia-free, so no bitter aftertaste.
  • Made with monk fruit extract, a natural and mild sweetener that mixes well with coffee, teas, smoothies, baked goods and more.
  • Contains MCT oil (medium-chain triglycerides) for enhanced smooth texture.
  • Lends a creamy, rich flavor and texture to recipes while keeping the sugar and carb content down.

Our Plant Protein+ comes in three delicious and versatile flavors:

Suggested Usage:

Mix one heaping scoop (27 grams) in 12 ounces of water, nut milk, coffee or tea (we suggest using a frother or blender for the best results). Our vegan protein powders can be enjoyed warm or cold.

If you prefer to keep things simple, shake up or blend your favorite flavor into a “power” smoothie or shake, such as one made with greens, berries and almond milk.

Try our plant protein powder pre or post-exercise to support muscle strength and recovery, or use it daily to fortify a healthy breakfast. Some creative ways to use our vegan protein powder include in health-minded treats like: homemade protein bars, pancakes, cookies, muffins, chia pudding and energy bites.