Our Co-Founders Talk:
Why Good Health Begins In Your Gut

Dr Josh Axe and Jordan Rubin share their stories of how soil-based organism (SBO) probiotics impacted their own health journeys — and why they believe SBOs are the missing link in many people’s wellness routine today.

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Of course, an overall healthy diet and lifestyle are the cornerstones of health, but these one-of-a-kind probiotic formulas are made to survive and help you thrive. Because we all know immune system health is tied to gut health, Ancient Nutrition’s SBO Probiotics are made with soil-based organisms, probiotics naturally suited to survive the harsh journey to your gut — where they can really unpack the benefits. After all, up to 80% of the body’s immune system cells are found in the gut.

Our co-founders formulated SBO Probiotics using a “trifecta” approach, harnessing the complementary power of prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics. Together, they supply the healthy gut, healthy immune system and overall support you deserve.


The human body is typically 98.6 degrees. That means you need a probiotic built to take the heat. SBO Probiotics feature a natural “shell” that makes them resistant to heat and stomach acid, so the beneficial bacteria actually makes it to your gut. The best part? They’re shelf stable — no refrigeration required.

CFU & Strain Diversity

Our SBO Probiotics line contains between 25 and 50 Billion CFUs* per serving (*at time of manufacturing), depending on the formula you choose. While SBOs can be taken in supplement form, they’re naturally found outdoors in the soil. These are the same strains your grandparents and ancestors ate when they’d enjoy fresh veggies from the garden. For purity and safety, though, the probiotic, “good guy” gut bacteria cultures found in our SBO Probiotics are lab grown.

Trifecta Approach

We used a 3-prong approach to formulation, including prebiotic, probiotic and postbiotic support. Probiotics set the stage for the SBO probiotics to get to work, “feeding” the probiotics to help amplify wellness properties. Our unique organic blend or fermented, sprouted seeds serve as a postbiotic support system, offering organic acids, carbonic substances and enzymes round out our “trifecta” digestive support tag team.

SBO Probiotic Ultimate

Our “Ultimate” Probiotic delivers our highest CFU count at 50 billion, giving you high-quality gut and immune system health support.† Designed to promote proper digestion and nutrient absorption and a healthy inflammation response† , Ultimate also helps reduce occasional diarrhea, constipation, gas and bloating.†

SBO Probiotic Women’s

By a woman's very design and function, digestive needs are often different than men's. In fact, structurally, the "pathway" of certain areas of women's digestive systems can be more complex than a man's. This unique formula is created with a woman's special needs in mind, including an organic, fermented botanical blend featuring alma berry and chaste tree berry, an organic mushroom blend and clinically studied ashwagandha, an herb known to promote reduced stress and a positive mindset.† All that and the healthy immune system and digestive health support and relief from occasional bloating† all of our SBO Probiotics ensure.

SBO Probiotic Men’s

Built tough for the road ahead, this first-of-its-kind men's SBO Probiotics contains a fermented, organic blend of ginger root, fenugreek and fo-ti root, a staple of ancient Chinese herbalism. You’ll also get built-in support for healthy digestion and a healthy immune system,† along with all of the benefits of our clinically studied ashwagandha, including athletic performance and recovery support, healthy body composition and fat metabolism and more.†

SBO Probiotic Gut Restore

When your gut is in need of extra love, this formulation is the one for you. With ingredients built to support a healthy immune system, digestion and gut flora, this special formula also offers you ingredients traditionally used for supporting gut health, including l-glutamine and organic marshmallow. As with all of our SBO Probiotics, you’ll also find relief in reducing occasional constipation, gas and bloating along with nutrient absorption support.†


Saccharomyces boulardii

This beneficial, tropical yeast species supports healthy gut transit time, along with healthy immune system and digestive function support.†

Bacillus coagulans

This shelf-stable spore-former supports healthy bowel transit time, digestive function, oral health and healthy gut flora.†

Bacillus subtilis

A soil-based, spore-forming probiotic that supports normal microflora in the gut, healthy gut function, normal digestion and a healthy immune system, in addition to promoting a healthy GI tract.†

Organic Mushroom Blend

A special beneficial fungi blend featuring organic mushrooms like turkey tail, shiitake, reishi and maitake provides prebiotic properties to help amplify probiotics’ effects in the body. *Found in Men’s, Women’s & Gut Restore.

Organic Ashwagandha Root Extract

Ashwagandha root extract is treasured in ancient herbalism and promotes a positive mindset, helps reduce the effects of stress† and much more. *Found in Men’s and Women’s.

Organic Fermented Blend

With each blend specially developed for each SBO, we tapped the power of time-treasured ingredients like organic licorice root, organic marshmallow root, sprouted seeds and Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs as well as for prebiotic and postbiotic support.

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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.