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Collagen Loading Starter Kit

Ancient Nutrition

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Finally, an Easy Way to Boost Your Collagen

  • Powered by a clinically studied fermented collagen
  • Improves appearance of crow's feet after 28 days†
  • Reduces knee stiffness in a week†
  • Promotes healthy hair thickness and growth while reducing hair breakage†
  • Contains cutting-edge, clinically studied, exclusive fermented eggshell membrane collagen for enhanced benefits missing from other collagens on the market
  • Non-GMO, grass-fed and pasture-raised, cage-free and cruelty-free sources, made without hormones
  • Created from 4 real food sources: beef, chicken, fish and eggshell membrane

This is more than just collagen. This is the collagen protein powder with clinically studied ingredients proven to deliver REAL RESULTS. While other collagen supplements available may have clinically studied ingredients in their collagen formula, ours is currently the only one that has a fermented collagen ingredient with human clinical studies behind it. Now, you can reduce collagen degradation with noticeable results in as little as 3 days† - all with five types of collagen from four food-based sources. Our collagen powder is sourced from non-GMO, grass-fed and pasture-raised, cage-free and cruelty-free sources.

      Why should I be supplementing with collagen?

      Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. Up to 30% of all the protein in your body is collagen protein. Up to 70% of skin, hair, nails and nearly 100% of connective tissues are made from collagen. It literally holds you together: from the hairs on your head, to every inch of your skin, to your joint comfort and mobility. It even impacts the overall health of your gut, including gut integrity.

      There’s a reason that collagen supplementation, in addition to an overall healthy diet and lifestyle, is being dubbed as the new go-to in the wellness and beauty community. Many people’s collagen is breaking down at an accelerated rate… and it’s not being replaced in the standard modern diet.


      Here are a few ways to use it:

      • Include one serving in your morning smoothie.
      • Add to baking dishes, muffins, bars or pancakes to increase protein intake.
      • Replace other supplements, like whey protein powder, with this.
      • Create a chia coconut collagen pudding.
      • Take one serving of collagen pre- or post-workout.