Keto Vegetable Soup Recipe

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Recipe created by Jen Hansard from her cookbook, Simple Green Meals. (Jen is a paid influencer with Ancient Nutrition.)

This delicious, nutrient-filled vegetable soup recipe will become a staple at your house. Upgrade it to a more filling bowl of soup by adding Keto Collagen for a boost of performance fats and protein.

The broth starts with garden fresh veggies – bonus points if you actually have these in your garden or you can get from our local farmer's market. It’s a great way to use garden zucchini.

The combination of zucchini, string beans, celery and parsley yield a vegetable soup recipe that is simple and clean. So much to love.

And while this keto vegetable soup recipe as written can be a little plain, it’s a great base for adding some extra goodness in there to season it up a bit. A little garlic, salt and pepper gives the soup a lot of flavor without taking away from its simplicity. 

How to Make Keto Vegetable Soup  

Place all ingredients (except coconut oil and collagen) in a pot and bring to a boil. Lower the heat and simmer until vegetables are tender about 15 minutes.

Add soup, keto collagen power and coconut oil to blender in batches if necessary. Puree until smooth.

Eat warm and season with sea salt and pepper. Add a little hot sauce for an extra kick. 

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