An Evening Routine Checklist for Better Sleep

Posted by Leah Zerbe on

Many parents know about the importance of an evening routine. After all, it’s a proven way to build consistency and better sleep in children.

But kids aren’t the only ones who can benefit from a PM regimen.

The hallmark of an evening routine is setting a bedtime — and committing to it.

If you’re staying up very late, avoid making drastic changes to your sleep time. An extreme change can be a jolt to the system and likely won’t work. Instead, adjust your bedtime a half-hour earlier each week until you reach your ideal set slumbertime.

Once you’ve got that down pat, choose one thing off of our Evening Routine Builder list below, like adding this smoothie snack featuring sleep-friendly ingredients to your nightly ritual.

Evening Routine Builder

Choose one additional sleep booster at a time, and stick to it for several weeks before layering on another. Trying things on for size one at a time will also help you figure out what’s working best for your unique situation.

Evening routine builder for better sleep