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11 Unexpected Factors to Help Get Your Glow Back

Posted by Ethan Boldt on

How to get your glow back

By Leah Zerbe Our skin is our largest organ — and the part of us that’s most on display. That also means it’s the outermost “shield” that takes on UV rays and pollution … and where tension and impacts of a poor diet may show up first. Whether you’re looking to enliven your skin and invite a little glow back or you want to set your skin up for long-term success, here are some lesser-known tactics to try. 1. Indulge in Carotenoid-Rich Foods Foods rich in carotenoids help give many fruits and vegetables their vivid colors. And it turns out,...

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Bovine Collagen Supplement Benefits & How to Use

Posted by Ethan Boldt on

Bovine collagen benefits

By Jill Levy Although our bodies naturally produce collagen, production decreases with age. This can lead to changes in the appearance of our skin, along with muscle, joint and gut function. Collagen protein supplements can be derived from a number of animal sources, with bovine collagen (specifically from cows) and chicken collagen being two of the most popular. If you’re looking for support for a healthy gut, as well as for healthy joints, skin, hair and nails, then find out below why collagen powder products — including those containing bovine collagen — may be just what you’re looking for. What...

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Have Trouble Sleeping? Follow This Meal Plan and Avoid These 10 Things

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Can't sleep? Best supplements and foods

By Rachael Link, RD, MS Getting enough sleep each night is integral to overall health. Not only can it provide long-lasting energy to help you power through your day, but it can also ensure that you look and feel your best. Plus, sleep is also involved in several other aspects of health and is crucial for normal cellular repair and regeneration. There are many different factors that can impact your sleep cycle, including your diet. Not only have some foods been linked to improved sleep quality and enhanced energy levels, but certain ingredients can also provide nutrients that help encourage...

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Holiday Survival Guide, Including Best Supplements for the Season

Posted by Leah Zerbe on

Holiday survival guide

By Leah Zerbe Holidays is that time of year when we usually gather with our loved ones, but like 2020, this year continues to test our resolve. Whether or not you are able to safely gather, "holiday stress" is alive and well. Sigh.  Common holiday stressors can include experiencing a financial crunch at the worst time of the year, feelings of loneliness or loss, making sure all is perfect for the joint celebration and fewer hours of daylight.  Fortunately, we have some exercises, diet tips and even supplements that can help you battle that stress. Best Exercises and Activities to Battle Stress It’s increasingly...

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How to Nourish Your Skin During the Winter (10 Tips!)

Posted by Ethan Boldt on

Winter skin care tips

Most people experience some level of dry skin in the winter, even those who may be prone to oiliness during the warmer months of the year. What causes “winter skin”? Dry skin in the winter is often due to low humidity levels in the air, both indoors and outdoors, which causes skin to lose moisture. When it’s cold outside, the combination of low humidity, wind and cold temps zaps water from your skin; when you’re inside, artificial heating creates an equally dry environment.  Luckily, there are plenty of ways to help sensitive winter and dry skin from becoming too severe,...

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