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Cordyceps Uses and Benefits for the Gut, Immune System and Energy

Posted by Ethan Boldt on

Cordyceps uses

By Jill Levy Long considered to be “functional mushrooms,” cordyceps have been a staple in holistic health traditions for centuries due to being revered for their health-promoting properties. How do cordyceps affect humans? In recent years, research on cordyceps mushroom has turned up impressive findings, reporting that this superstar mushroom can generally help to support healthy gut microbiota, immune system function and defenses, healthy energy levels, and much more. Best of all, today there’s no need to go mushroom foraging to take advantage of cordyceps benefits. Now widely available in powder, capsule and tablet form, cordyceps supplements are a convenient...

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Best Multivitamin for Men? Consider Key Nutrients and Age Ranges

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Best multivitamin for men

By Dr. Josh Axe You might assume that as long as you’re consuming enough calories in general from a variety of foods each day, then your risk for experiencing nutrient shortfalls should be low. However, it’s still possible for many men to lack certain vitamins and minerals in their diets, especially those found in nutrient-rich foods like fresh, organic vegetables, organ meats, fish and so on. Men are just as susceptible as women to experiencing certain vitamin or mineral shortfalls from diet alone. If you want to support an overall healthy immune response and digestive function, along with healthy metabolic...

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