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Best Drink Recipes for Better Sleep

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Drink recipes for better sleep

By Rachael Link, RD, MS Building a bedtime routine is essential for promoting better sleep. One crucial component of any bedtime routine is finding nourishing and delicious evening drinks to help wind down your day and support better sleep. Not only can these beverages enhance feelings of comfort and relaxation, but many also contain ingredients that can combat stress, improve overall sleep quality and promote restfulness. Here are a few of the best drink recipes for better sleep: 1. Golden Milk Creamy, warm and soothing, golden milk is a bedtime snack staple. Plus, it’s also easy to make and comes...

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Best Sleep Supplements and Vitamins for Better Zzzzs

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Best sleep supplements and vitamins

By Jill Levy Insufficient sleep has been called a “public health epidemic” by some sleep experts. According to some of the latest sleep-related research, a whopping 70 percent of American adults report getting insufficient sleep at least several times per month, while more than 10 percent say they struggle to sleep well almost every night. Given how essential adequate sleep is for healthy immune system function, your outlook and for overall well-being, it’s no wonder that sleep supporters are being sought after by a growing number of exhausted, foggy-brained adults. Do sleep supplements work? And if so, what is the...

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An Evening Routine Checklist for Better Sleep

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Evening routine builder for better sleep

Many parents know about the importance of an evening routine. After all, it’s a proven way to build consistency and better sleep in children. But kids aren’t the only ones who can benefit from a PM regimen. The hallmark of an evening routine is setting a bedtime — and committing to it. If you’re staying up very late, avoid making drastic changes to your sleep time. An extreme change can be a jolt to the system and likely won’t work. Instead, adjust your bedtime a half-hour earlier each week until you reach your ideal set slumbertime. Once you’ve got that...

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Want Better Sleep? Improve Your Gut Health (5 Steps)

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Improve gut health for better sleep

By Dr. Josh Axe If you’re familiar with the impact that your microbiome can have on your overall health, you likely already understand how your gut affects things like your digestion, appetite, nutrient absorption and immune function. But did you know that the microbes living in your gut can also impact your sleep? That’s right — recent research indicates that the ratio of different bacteria, yeasts and other organisms that populate your microbiome is capable of affecting whether you may get the right amount, or not enough of, restorative sleep. How exactly is gut health linked to better sleep? It...

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