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Green Tea Matcha Latte Recipe … with Collagen!

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Green tea matcha latte with collagen

By now you’ve probably heard about the power of matcha green tea and all the ways it can support a healthier lifestyle. Combined with your collagen and a few other ingredients, matcha green tea makes a great (and great tasting!) way to give your daily health and wellness routine a boost. What is Matcha Green Tea? Matcha isn’t just any old green tea. It’s a high-grade, finely ground concentrated green tea that’s been used traditionally in Japanese tea ceremonies for hundreds of years. Today, it’s popular with everyone from nutritionists and researchers to health-conscious celebrities — and for good reason....

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Paleo Bone Broth Protein Pancakes Recipe

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Paleo Bone Broth Protein pancakes recipe

Are you ready to make one of our favorite power breakfasts in just minutes? It's time to try my Paleo Bone Broth Protein Pancakes. If you enjoy pancakes — or even if you don't, for that matter — you're going to love this morning meal. These are truly protein-packed pancakes, as one serving yields 31 grams of protein, courtesy of Bone Broth Protein. It also has 21 grams of fat against only 6 grams of carbohydrates, so it qualifies as not just Paleo but also low-carb. (It's also gluten-free!) Nutrition Facts Serving Size: 4 small pancakes Calories: 341 Total Carbohydrates:...

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Cashew No-Bake Cookies with Bone Broth Protein Vanilla

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Cashew no-bake cookies with Bone Broth Protein Vanilla

These no-bake cookies are the perfect treat. Why? You don’t have to bake these cashew cookies, making them a quick and easy snack or dessert. Better yet, you can store them in the freezer to help them last longer and take one out whenever the craving strikes It can be tough to find no-bake cookies without peanut butter, milk or other common allergens, but these cashew cookies are just that. They’re also refined sugar-free and high in protein thanks to Bone Broth Protein Vanilla. Nutrition Facts Serving Size: 1 cookie Calories: 229 Total Carbohydrates: 13.3g Fiber: 1.1g Sugar: 6.2g Total...

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